If you have just purchased a home, you might have big ideas on how to make the space your own. When you bought your home, you likely saw great potential but putting a plan into action can be overwhelming. Check out these new year’s resolutions for your home that will help you hit the ground running in 2022.

Make a resolution to:

Create a list of quick, inexpensive fixes and get those done first. You might not have the budget to make your home the way you want it on day one, but you will be surprised what small updates can do whether it is a new exterior house number or modernizing the hardware on cabinet doors.    

Spend your time and effort on the space that will make you the most happy. If time and money are limited after your purchase, focus your efforts where they will have the biggest impact. A new kitchen, living room or backyard are all worthy projects but which one will you enjoy the most? Start there.

Make your home more functional. The project that might bring you the most joy might not be a room at all. What worked for the previous owners, might not work for you. If you haven’t done a construction project before, don’t feel overwhelmed. Get quotes and learn more about the project first. You can decide if or when it goes ahead on your timeline.

Invest in art to find your style and create interesting spaces. Yes, art can be expensive but if you find something you love, it can bring you joy every time you walk into the room. However, art does not need to cost a lot to transform a space. Sourcing pieces from local artists, estate auctions and online art dealers are great places to start your search.

Join the community and explore your neighbourhood. COVID-19 has made it much more difficult to meet your neighbours, but social media has filled the gap. Joining neighbourhood social media groups will allow you to ask neighbours about finding local contractors and the best restaurants as well as issues that impact your community.

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